The Brotherhood of the Junglecock Update

I have just returned from sharing the weekend with the community and family of the Maryland (Founding Chapter) of The Brotherhood of the Junglecock. What an awesome experience and weekend. Having attended the Campfire over 40 years ago with my dad and our Great Uncle Joe Brooks this brought back a flood of memories. My first campfire in 1970 and my last campfire (1972). Joe took me under his wing and in his warm fashion, showed the art of casting to me. I fell for it right then then and there. I practiced and in 72 with Joe standing on one side and dad and my brother Rob on the other, I was fortunate to win the casting event and catch and land my first trout.

To think that this idea was created around a campfire over 75 years ago is amazing but pales in comparison to the fact that is even more amazing today. The leadership of this great community is absolutely the very best and have with great dedication, heart and passion served the mission purposed of the enterprise with caring, compassion and honor. Joe and the other founders of the Junglecock would stand up in awe…applauding!!!

We will be posting video of the day, interviews which Lefty moderated and pictures of our experience. Stay tuned.

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The Brotherhood of the Junglecock Update

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