Filming has begun

Filming the Joe Brooks Documentary has now been underway since May. We are so pleased with how the imagery is coming along as well as interviews from key people who knew Joe and Mary, like Lefty Kreh.

So what have we been up to?

  1. Film treatment – is completed and awesome
  2. Timeline of Joe’s life – is completed and awesome
  3. Filming has been underway since May culminating in northern Patagonia… around Junin and San Martin. We will be filming and fishing the Limay, Chimehuin, Maleo and others in early December. There are many interviews still to go with well known fly fisherman.
  4. Teaser made
We too are looking to get a shortened version of the documentary into various film festivals. The film will be ready for release Father’s Day, June 2018.
Below some behind the scenes pics from filming in Cuba, Brotherhood of the Junglecock, Lefty’s house, dad at Mike’s office.

Filming has begun

One thought on “Filming has begun

  1. Hi Joe, I misplaced your email…hope you get this. This is Laura Brooks in Columbia, md. I just returned from Livingston, MT where I visited Uncle Joe’s gravesite. I noticed a plaque for Mary Brooks next to his but without a death date. Was she buried there or somewhere else?
    By the way, we met John Bailey at Dan Bailey’s tackle shop in Livingston. He was a pallbearer at Joe’s funeral. He kept saying Joe was ‘bigger than life’ and that people followed him all over the world…just wanted to be around him.
    Good job on the trailer! Can’t wait to see the finished product.


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