Update on film April 2018

April 4 2018

We are into the home stretch. The movie is processing great with the deadline of Father’s Day 2018 our target. Many stones have been up turned to reveal Joe and Mary’s story. One in particular was a letter from Mary in 1985 to a cousin, Laura Brooks, who asked some questions which have helped so much in pinpointing key dates  to certain aspects of Joe’s life which were up to that point a bit hazy and guess work at best.

Alex, the director is working feverishly in post production to chuck the various chapters of the story together for review. He too has been interviewing key figures in the fly fishing landscape.

We were saddened greatly at the loss of our guiding light and friend in this project the legend, Lefty Kreh. What a huge hole this has left us with. What a big loss to our buddy and dear friend in this project. Joe was the major influence in his life and Lefty so much wanted this story told. His passion for telling this story ran hotter then both Mike’s and mine combined. Joe in Lefty’s eyes was everything. His hero. His mentor. His father. I cannot express enough how deeply Lefty wanted Joe and Mary’s story told. Fortunately for the fly fishing world we have a huge amount of content of Lefty. He will be greatly missed and we are so sorry he will not see the final product. This film will be dedicated in loving memory to Lefty.

What has happened to date:

December 2017 – final stage of filming in Argentina and the creation of the 9 min piece for the IF4 Film Festival.

January – April – final interviews – interviews of leading figures in the fly fishing world telling their stories, like Mark Sosin telling the story about Joe and rum raisin ice creme.

Securing TV showing time – Some exciting developments have come about with a major cable network premiering the film on Father’ Day.

Having a film night event 

Many fly fishing organisations like fly fishing museums and bodies, fly shops and outfitters, and film festivals are interested in premiering this inspiring film. We will soon have more detail on how to create a fundraising event around this film. As you know we are a not for profit organisation and all money raised by the showing of the film as an event will go to philanthropic activities in conservation and outdoor education.

Film clips 

Finding Joe Brooks 9 min IF4

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.22.39 am

Tom Brokaw talks about Joe Brooks

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.26.40 am

Joe Brooks Documentary Nelson’s Spring Creek

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.28.39 am

Joe Brooks Documentary teaser


Update on film April 2018

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